What type of cases does your firm handle?
We are a full service firm and handle various cases.  Please review our practice areas.

How can I become a client of your firm?
Please call our contact number, and set up a free consultation.  We will inform you after the consultation if we will take you on as a client.

Do you offer free consultations?
Yes, we do offer free consultations.

What are the fees?
The fees vary based on the type of case and how complex the legal issues are.

Why should I trust your firm with my case?
We deliver our legal services in a caring manner in which all clients will be heard and respected.  Moreover, when you become our client, we attempt to establish a lifelong relationship.

Do you accept credit cards?

Which jurisdictions do you represent clients in?
The District of Columbia and Maryland, both at the state and federal levels.  

Are you available on weekends?
Yes.  We will field calls 7 days per week.