At the Law Firm of Phillip D. McCrae, we call this section of the law “life planning.” We recognize that individuals don’t like to talk about instruments such as wills because it may make them think about death or dying. However, we understand this dynamic and will be sensitive to it. Moreover, we inform our clients that through estate planning and through instruments such as wills and trusts, they can control important family matters even if something unexpected should happen to the client. This should bring some sort of comfort to the client.

Regarding wills and estate planning, when you come up with the right estate plan, you can provide for your family and make sure your wishes are honored. Using a variety of tools including wills, trusts, healthcare directives, and powers of attorneys, The Law Firm of Phillip D. McCrae will help you come up with an estate plan tailored to your needs.

Regarding elder law, as you grow older, you will face new questions about your future. We will help you by understanding your concerns, explain the law to you, and come up with viable strategies to help you deal with pressing medical and financial issues.

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