Located in downtown Washington DC and serving the District of Columbia and Maryland, the PD McCrae Law Firm (PDM) is a full service law firm that advises clients (individuals or businesses) about their legal rights and responsibilities, and represents clients in a wide range of legal situations such as civil or criminal litigation cases, business transactions, family law cases, immigration cases, and other matters in which legal advice and other assistance are sought.

We provide comprehensive, results-oriented legal representation to clients throughout Maryland and the Metro DC area. PDM has the capacity to represent its clients effectively and has the legal resources to address various legal needs.

PDM’s focus is to provide excellent legal services to our clients, but we still believe that excellent legal services alone are not enough. In addition to finding the best legal solutions for any single deal, transaction or case, we are focused on helping clients achieve their overall legal goals, to help satisfy their need for practical, cost-effective legal services. To do this, we attain superior knowledge of the law and maintain a deep understanding of what works in an ever-changing legal and business environment.

To do this, we focus on establishing candid and respectful relationships with our clients. We understand that our firm cannot thrive without satisfying our clients.